Best Mobile Phone Photography Tips- KITE

Best Mobile Phone Photography Tips

Mobile Phone Photography cannot fully replace a DSLR Camera, and it may be a long time till it comes close, however the quality of the cameras built into phones from brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel,...
The Battle of Content v/s SEO– And How You Can Win- KITE

The Battle of Content v/s SEO– And How You Can Win

As digital marketers and bloggers , we can all agree the main goal of digital marketing is to pull potential customers to our websites so we can generate leads and ultimately sell products and services.
M-PHONE – First Blockchain Smartphone with Crypto Chip and Call Encryption- Techiliar

M-PHONE – First Blockchain Smartphone with CryptoChip & Call Encryption

M-Phone smartphone is the first smartphone device in the world which supports both cryptocurrency cold storage and the possibility of mining. Today’s smartphones have traditional functions of a mobile device but at the same time give access...
What Does the Future Hold for Cryptocurrency?- Techiliar

What Does the Future Hold for Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is gaining ground, but could it one day replace national, fiat currencies? When the topic of cryptocurrency comes up, conversation inevitably circles back to the latest price fluctuations in bitcoin. But while this might be...

Qualities That Makes An Engineer Effective

There are certain engineering skills and qualities that would make an individual a remarkable and outstanding engineer whose way of working is effective and operational. Some of the qualities are as follows: Technical competency: For an engineer to become...
Transforming the Future through Engineering- Techiliar

Transforming the Future through Engineering

Engineering has been one of the most opted professional studies and has also perceived the most momentous rise in the number of aspirants in the last two decades. Though the number of applicants has considerably amplified the demand for...
How to make a Cinemagraph- Techiliar

How to Make a Cinemagraph in Photoshop

Technically, a cinemagraph is just a GIF or a Graphics Interchange Format. Basically, a short, animated file that is everywhere online these days. You’ve probably seen them on Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram. Maybe you even remember them when they...
Creative Ways to Make Money Fast- Techiliar

Creative Ways to Make Money Fast in 2019

I can tell you the exact methods applied that I used to make money online. It took me about 2-3 months to learn the basics of writing, content marketing, and website building. During the learning period, my earning was zero. If you are looking...
Importance of Role of the Teacher in Education- Techiliar

Importance of Role of the Teacher in Education

Teaching is one of the greatest jobs according to me because teacher not only plays the role of educator but also plays so many other roles in every individual's life. In the past, there was no such deep relationship...
Business Activities You Can Easily Outsource To Save Time- Techiliar

Business Activities You Can Easily Outsource To Save Time

Meaning of outsourcing in business Sometimes company finds that the growth rate of the company is increasing and the own staff of the company is not sufficient to handle the activities so they make an agreement or tie-up with another...