Editing on-the-go has become more popular with the growth of YouTube and other video platforms online. This month, we’ve seen numerous device announcements everywhere, with more on the way. Just imagine that the hassle some reviewers have to go through while editing 4K footage on a plane or in a hotel room view. Adobe company knows that there’s a niche to fill, and they’re aiming to fill the gap. The company announced Adobe Premiere Rush CC earlier this year to help you edit videos while you’re in a… rush.

2019 for Android- Introduction of Adobe Premiere Rush CC- Techiliar

The application is already available on desktop and iOS platforms. Adobe android support is coming in 2019, though, so we have to wait a bit for the new arrival. Besides the normal cutting and merging of the video, the application will also let you color correct and title for your videos. Motion Graphics templates are also available so you don’t have to open Adobe After Effects just for that to get done. The various mentioned templates, colors, and Adobe Sensei-powered Auto-Ducking are all powered by Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition.

While I think that no professional YouTubers will ditch Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut for Adobe Premiere Rush CC, I still think that it will be helpful for a small group of people around. Maybe you’ve wanted to start a YouTube channel for a long time but held off because you lacked various editing skills, or maybe you don’t have a powerful enough machine to run a full-featured professional editing software. In these defined cases, Adobe Premiere Rush CC may come in handy. Plus and, it’s cross-platform, so you can edit video on your mobile device and laptop.

Adobe Premiere Rush CC in the market is already available for $9.99/month for an individual plan or $19.99/month for a team. You can also subscribe to a Creative Cloud All Apps plan which costs $39.99/month. There is also a discount for teachers and students which lowers the price to $19.99/month.

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