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To provide with Latest technology, gadgets, and smartphone news in the world. Also, to provide the latest entertainment articles and news.


TECHILIAR- atTECH with Knowledge

At Techiliar, we provide our users with the latest smartphone, gadgets and technology update happening right now in the market. Never miss a single piece of information which is sensational in the market, you will surely find it here.

techiliar himanshu saini

My Name is Himanshu Saini. I always had it in my mind to have my own blog running online. It could be a technology, news, entertainment, gadgets, latest development kind of blog.

But, I always wanted it to be something related to what I loved, i.e., TECHNOLOGY.

That is the reason why I named the blog website TECHILIAR because it somehow resembles the word “FAMILIAR”. It could mean that something familiar with Technology, that’s why named: Techiliar.


  • To provide the latest Technology updates
  • To provide the latest Gadgets launched in the digital market, whether it be a smartphone or a tablet or even a laptop.
  • To provide the latest News onto your mobile or PC screen
  • To provide the latest Photography tips and tricks available
  • To provide the latest How To (DIY) kind of information related to any niche

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