Yes, read this article to Get Netflix 1 Month Subscription for Free. Yeah, you heard it right. Is it true?

Yes, it is true. You will know yourself at the end of the article that I am not joking.

You can easily get Netflix 1 Month Subscription for free without any money. Just enjoy 1 month of free Top Tv Series and Top Movies on your smartphones.

Netflix is a movie subscription service that started in the US and has since expanded to the UK, Canada, parts of Scandinavia, the Caribbean, South America, India and Europe. Included in the service is a 1-month trial. Find out how to get Netflix for free.

Netflix offers users with various plans in India:

  • Basic Plan- Rs 500/month (No HD)
  • Standard Plan– Rs 650/month (HD)
  • Premium Plan– Rs 800/month (HD & Ultra HD)

Follow the steps given below to Get Netflix 1 Month Subscription For Free:

1. Make an email account

Use a free mail service such as Gmail, YahooMail, Rediffmail or Hotmail to create a new email address. Write down the name, email, and password that are unique somewhere where you’ll remember it, like the notepad or smartphone for instance; you may need to log into this email address when it becomes time to cancel your account on Netflix.

Get Netflix 1 Month Subscription For Free- Techiliar

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2. Register on the Netflix Website

Visit the Netflix Website and click Join Free For a Month.

Now, choose the Plan suitable for you-> Click on Continue. Then, Sign up window will open and fill the required details which will be used for logging into the website in future.

3. Enter new credit card information for each trial

Netflix requires a different debit or credit card for each free trial, but will not charge you any money during the trial. Turn some cash into a prepaid debit or credit card from a gas station or supermarket, or get a virtual card online. Enter the information during trial sign up, then use the money on the card for your ordinary purchases.

Always read the fine print before purchasing a card. Many of these cards charge fees for all sorts of activities.

Select your preferences and input the information associated with your new email address and debit or credit card.

  • If you want to set up Netflix on another device like Smartphone, TV or Tablet, select that device while signing up and follow the instructions. You’ll need to set up the Netflix application and new account on each console, Apple TV, Roku or Blu-ray player.

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4. Enjoy Netflix for Free: 1 Month

Now, you have successfully activated your free Subscription for Netflix.

Enjoy top quality Tv Series like Stranger Things, Luke Cage and various other genres like Drama, Comedy, Action, Thriller, Science- Fiction as well as romantic comedy genres.

You can also stream and download too in the Netflix app for Android and Apple devices. Just download the movie and watch it offline anytime.

The limit to Stream and Download is Unlimited during the Subscription period.

5. Cancel your Netflix Trial 

Visit this link to Cancel your Membership.

You must cancel the account subscription before the end of the month (30 days) in order to avoid paying for the new subscription. To do this, while logged in to Netflix account in device or browser, click your account name in the top right, select Your Account, then select Cancel Streaming Plan &/or Cancel DVD Plan.

Cancel your Subscription and you will not be charged further by Netflix.

6. Get on a friend’s streaming account (Free Ways)

With Netflix’s massive popularity in countries where it is available to stream, it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone or some friend with an existing Netflix account that will let you share the online streaming portion of the service using his/her account. While sharing an account password outside your household is not a violation of the terms of service, you and the account owner should be aware of these limitations:

  • The account owner is responsible for all activity on the account.
  • There can only be 5 profiles on each account (used to determine recommendations and favorites), and only 2 of these can stream from more than one device at a time.
  • Local or state law can make this illegal – this is true in Tennessee – but Netflix is considered unlikely to pursue these violations to a court if you cooperate after being discovered.
  • On Basic Plan, only 1 Account can be Used (No High Definition)
  • On Standard Plan, 2 people can Log in and stream simultaneously on Netflix with High Definition (HD).

Get Netflix 1 Month Subscription For Free- Techiliar

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