Teaching is one of the greatest jobs according to me because teacher not only plays the role of educator but also plays so many other roles in every individual’s life. In the past, there was no such deep relationship between the teacher and the students. But in this modern era, new generations expect something new and something warm relationship with the teacher. And teachers also try to handle the student’s emotions as a friend. So many different roles are played by the teacher one is an educator as a friend as a mentor as a guide as a parent and so on.

Students now a day’s become really attached to the teacher. I myself have experienced so many such situations when students really loved us our teaching and our company. In this education system, a strict teacher will not work, because students will love the subject only when they love the teacher and his behavior towards them. So there are so many criteria those teachers have to focus and they have to try their best to guide students and focus students towards the learning process. It is not at all an easy task they have to face so many objections dislikes and negativity still they have to move on to make their student capable of successful future life. In education, the teacher plays a very important role that we know. And society deeply respects the teachers because they know teachers deeply influence their child’s career.

Teach knowledge

The main work or we can say the responsibility of the teacher is to spread education. It is the main responsibility of the teacher and she or he must be expert in that. Teachers have a certain curriculum which is assigned by the state government and the teachers have to follow it and should make student thorough in their syllabus. Every teacher has their pattern of teaching. They will get one year for a particular class and they have made their teaching more effective and should enhance their learning ability.

Teachers use certain techniques and skills to make their teaching more effective. It is the responsibility of every teacher to impart education then only students will be able to focus on their learning. If the teacher follows single method and skills it will make them boring, so teachers always find other ways to make students more active in class.

Act as Motivator

The teacher is really a motivator for the students. In the education process, we have to meet different types and different kinds of students. They will have a certain disability in learning that the responsible teacher has to find it out and should find the solution for it and should motivate them towards the learning process. If a student gives an answer to a particular question a teacher must pat their shoulder or give a clap. By doing that teacher is really motivating the students.

If the teacher is showing careless and not trying to bring up the average students then it will be the failure from the teacher’s side. So teacher plays another important role that is a motivator. By the teacher’s motivates there are so students have performed well in their academic life. So psychologically it works deeply.

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Setting up the classroom environment

Classroom environment mainly depends upon the teacher’s pattern of teaching. If the teacher comes up with a warm and happy teaching process then naturally students will feel happy and relaxed. It the past there were teachers who were rude and so disciplined which frightened the students and they were not able to breathe normally. So such an environment will not be able to enhance the learning process. It is one my own experience.

In my academic life, there were teachers who are rude and we are really afraid of him and we are not able to understand what he is teaching we were just heading to his class not listening to his class deeply. So it is not at all useful. So the classroom environment will be calm only if the teacher is friendly and she understands the student’s feelings.

So in this 21st era, I have seen so many good teachers who are really friendly with students and able to understand their troubles and set up good positive classroom environment.

Act as protector

The teacher plays the role of protector. In the classroom, every student has their own pattern of behavior. If the teacher sense any kind of negative action from particular student and it is repeating pattern of behavior then the teacher must observe that students. Teachers are well trained in the understanding of student’s psychological behavior. The teacher has that potential to find out the troubling factor in the student’s mind. Talk to him and give some guidelines it shows a positive impact on the student’s behavior.

Teachers have the right to give counseling to those particular students and should talk with the parents of that child. So teachers responsibility not come to an end in the teaching process teacher have different types of a role which every teacher perfectly executes it.

Act as a supporter

It is natural that every student needs support from their teacher when they are learning new pieces of information and a new subject which is completely unknown to the students. Then the students need the support.

So when the students ask for help teachers are always there to support the students. When something troubles the students in any matter in person or in academicals matter they can freely talk to the teacher and can ask for the guideline or ask for help. A teacher can assign support as an educator as a counselor. Teachers protect and support their students in any matter. If they find it wrong then teacher have the right to correct it and ask them to think positively in their life. So counseling is the main part that every teacher plays in their life.

So in education process teacher have to play so many other roles apart from teaching. Because student spends much time in the classroom in front of teachers and teachers have the same right which parents have. Student’s social behaviors are also influenced by the behavior in the classroom. So any negative is observed from student side teacher have the right to correct it and understand the student what is wrong and what is right. So we must respect them and should follow their words then only we can lead a successful personal and professional life.


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