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At the point when your laptop is harmed, you would need nothing superior to a fast and expedient determination. Lenovo knows this extremely well, which is the reason it offers a special service called Lenovo PremiumCare Service. The service plans to offer clients a bit of brain by offering various types of particular help under a solitary umbrella. Here’s a fast take a gander at a portion of the highlights offered by Lenovo PremiumCare Service.

24×7 specialized help

Machines, for the most part, don’t take a gander at the clock before destroying destruction. Lenovo PremiumCare Service offers round the clock bolster, so you should simply call them, and they will tackle the issue for you day or night.

Loaner unit

Rather than leaving you without a friend in the world when your PC is out for repairs, Lenovo PremiumCare Service offers a loaner unit that you can use meanwhile. This implies you don’t need to sit tight for your PC to come back from repairs, keeping in mind the end goal to keep working.

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Zero resilience to dead pixels

Lenovo knows how irritating and diverting it is to have dead pixels on your PC screen. That is the reason it offers an entire screen supplanting with PremiumCare Service. Lenovo says that you can get the screen substitution notwithstanding when there is a solitary dead pixel.

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OS reinstallation

Losing every one of your information is sufficiently awful, in addition to the reinstallation of OS can make any individual wince. Lenovo PremiumCare Service guarantees to reinstall the OS for you, guaranteeing that you return to recouping your information ASAP.

A single asset for specialists

Rather than confused between different specialists, Lenovo PremiumCare Service gives clients a solitary purpose of contact for every one of their issues. These experts are prepared to determine a huge number of issues easily.

Beginning help

Lenovo PremiumCare Service likewise offers help ideal from the get-go. Get well-ordered direction by means of telephone ideal from the bootup completely through the fundamental setup process.

Fast 2-hour email reaction

Time is of the substance when a laptop declines to work. Lenovo PremiumCare Service guarantees clients that they will likewise get the opportunity to profit speedier reactions from its specialists. Actually, the organization says that clients can expect a 2-hour email reaction.

Parts prioritization

With Lenovo PremiumCare Service, you get prioritization parts for your PC. This guarantees your laptop gets repaired quickly and you don’t need to hold up for a really long time.

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