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M-PHONE – First Blockchain Smartphone with Crypto Chip and Call Encryption- Techiliar

M-PHONE – First Blockchain Smartphone with CryptoChip & Call Encryption

M-Phone smartphone is the first smartphone device in the world which supports both cryptocurrency cold storage and the possibility of mining. Today’s smartphones have traditional functions of a mobile device but at the same time give access...
2019 for Android- Introduction of Adobe Premiere Rush CC- Techiliar

2019 for Android- Introduction of Adobe Premiere Rush CC

Editing on-the-go has become more popular with the growth of YouTube and other video platforms online. This month, we’ve seen numerous device announcements everywhere, with more on the way. Just imagine that the hassle some reviewers have to go...
iPhone XI and the Google Pixel 3: Everything We're Expecting techiliar

iPhone XI and the Google Pixel 3: Everything We’re Expecting

New smartphones coming later this year are iPhone XI and the Google Pixel 3. We've seen some great smartphones launched for this year, including the OnePlus 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S9, yet two of the greatest dispatches are...
oneplus 6 vs asus zenfone 5z

OnePlus 6 v/s Asus ZenFone 5Z: Which One to Buy & Why?

Up til now, the OnePlus 6 (Review) has been enjoying unbound success within the market, just because it is the most powerful Android phone at its value purpose. The augment that the nice build quality and a capable set...
jio phone 2 techiliar

Reliance Jio announces JioPhone 2, JioGigaFiber, JioGigaTV, Jio Smart Home Solutions

RELIANCE JIO simply astonished us with a bunch of latest announcements created throughout Reliance's forty-first Annual General Meeting. It proclaimed a fresh JioPhone a pair of within the market. With a growing user base of quite 215 million subscribers...

Samsung Galaxy S9 sales are slumping and that’s a problem for all premium Android phones

At the point when Samsung formally reports its outcomes for the second quarter not long from now, the numbers will look bounty great to the untrained eye: $13 billion in benefit on $51.8 billion income. Be that as it...
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