The Offical Mobile game by Tencent games, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG Mobile) is rocking in the market right now. Like 8 out of 10 mobile users have installed this game on their smartphone device. PUBG recently crossed 50 Million plus downloads on Google Play Store. That’s a huge number for any other game in just one or two months of the span. In this article, you will know how to Play PUBG Mobile in Low Specs Phone.

PUBG Mobile’s popularity is increasing so everyone wants to play the PUBG Mobile on their smartphones but the real question is what that can you play in the low-end device like Redmi 5 or other devices with 2GB RAM? Well, The answer is Yes and No, Thier is minimum specification required to at least play PUBG Mobile on your smartphone.

1. GFX Tool App


  • A rooted Android device
  • GFX Tool App (download)


This method, which is exclusively for rooted devices, is fairly simple and straightforward to execute. It makes use of an app called GFX Tool, which you can download on your device from the link given above or directly from Google Play Store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to follow the steps given below to improve PUBG Mobile performance on your Android device:

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1. The GFX Tool app is rather handy and provides a simple interface to users with which you can adjust the PUBG Mobile graphics settings in your smartphone.

Play PUBG Mobile in Low Specs Phone- Techiliar

2. Configure the settings in GFX Tool according to the image given below and tap on the ‘Accept’ button. The button will then switch to ‘Run Game’, tapping on which will take you right into the game and the game will open! Do not close the GFX Tool app.
Play PUBG Mobile in Low Specs Phone- Techiliar

In the event that you don’t care about the previously mentioned settings, you can play around with the individual settings and find what suits you best. To enable you to begin here’s a brisk summary of what every alternative change:

  • Version: This setting is fairly straightforward and easy to configure. You just have to choose the version of PUBG Mobile that you’re currently running on your device. Nothing much to it than this.
  • Resolution: This setting will allow you to scale down the game’s resolution, which will greatly improve the performance of the game. However, you’ll have to take into account the size of your screen before selecting a very low resolution, as it may make the game completely unplayable in your device.
  • Graphics: While PUBG Mobile allows you to choose from a number of different graphical settings, it doesn’t allow you to change all settings overall. This option allows you to enable super low graphics, which aren’t currently available by default in the app. And in case you feel like pushing the limits, it’ll also allow you to get super high fidelity graphics, at the cost of FPS (Frames per Second), of course.
  • FPS: Another self-explanatory setting which will allow you to choose the maximum FPS for the game on your phone. Always remember more FPS = more fluidity of gameplay.
  • Anti-aliasing: This setting will allow you to improve the overall graphics of the game shown visually, by removing jagged edges from the textures. However, in case you do enable anti-aliasing, remember that it’ll take a significant toll on the performance of the game.
  • Style: The style setting will allow you to choose from different saturation levels and colors in the game to choose from. This setting is purely cosmetic and won’t have a positive or negative impact on the performance. It won’t slow down the game performance on your device.
  • Shadows: With this setting, you’ll be able to enable or disable shadows in the game. While disabling shadows will definitely improve overall performance, you might face problems spotting sneaky campers in the game.
  • Graphics API: Choose from one of the three best available graphics APIs, which are namely OpenGL 2.0, Open GL3.1, and Vulkan. In case you have a device running Android 7.0 or higher, then the Vulkan Graphics API is the one to choose for. However, in case you have an older device, you’d have to apply with one of the other two. Go ahead and test both of the APIs and see what works best on your android device.

2. GLTools

GLTools [root] (gfx optimizer) includes different features that will for sure make your gaming experience better. You can change any app resolution and be rendering bitness as well as the GPU name to enjoy enhanced graphics even on a no-name low-end GPU smartphone device. Also, you can also take full control over the textures of game, by decompressing and recompressing them.

Play PUBG Mobile in Low Specs Phone- Techiliar

Download GLTools 

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3. ChainFire 3D

ChainFire 3D is similar to GLTools shown above. It will do all the things that GLTools can do. But, this tool will only work up to Android 2.3.6 (Gingerbread) version. You should go with GLTools if you have a higher version of Android installed on your phone.

Download ChainFire 3D

4. Seeder

Seeder is another great piece of software. Seeder fixes the lag, caused by any kind of Android’s user interface. Seeder rebuilds the entropy data, which dries over time and cause performance delays in the phone. So, if you are tired of delays during switching between apps or when accessing apps, it will patch those problems to smooth up the performance of PUBG Mobile.


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