Engineering has been one of the most opted professional studies and has also perceived the most momentous rise in the number of aspirants in the last two decades. Though the number of applicants has considerably amplified the demand for engineers will always be enormous. It can be termed that the functioning of the industries and businesses in the world is completely interdepended. There is a constant need for professionals with profound knowledge and skills in different areas making them an asset for the organization.

There is a genuine need for professionals who would lead the era of the technological uprising. This agenda can be accomplished by crafting upright engineers possessing efficient skills like:

• Operative leadership that augments the quality and throughput of work.
• Resolute work ethics and principles implemented to obtain progressive outcomes.
• Resourcefulness and innovation leading to the discovery of novel and enhanced solutions.
• The revolutionary yet moral approach to technological enhancements.
• Stalwartly contributing to the social economy as well as the global community.

Transforming the Future through Engineering- Techiliar

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There are more than a million engineers crafted every year in India, and due to the improvement and developments in various industrial sectors, there has been observed a substantial rise in the number of vacancies for various professions. To meet the rising requirement of potential candidates, it has become the need of the hour that the colleges and institutions must bring forth a transformation in the methods of imparting pedagogies. Modifying the educational approach to craft skilled, devoted and proficient experts retaining indispensable knowledge has become necessary for the majority of the engineering colleges across India.

Arenas, where a drastic transformation through engineering can be brought, are:

  • Product innovation: Keeping the major agenda in consideration of product innovation and development, the institutions across the country must amend the syllabus and supplement career prospects accordingly. Innovation and modernization are the basic essentials that bring out the radical transformation in the majority of the industries and for that purpose, they must be fostered as well as encouraged, especially in the undergraduate engineers.
  • Healthcare: The most fervent need of intellect of the engineering professionals is in the healthcare sector. Discovering cures for malicious medical conditions requires the assistance of the intellect and abilities of an engineer as these professionals are responsible for creating machinery and medical apparatuses which determine the medical maladies.
  • Disaster management and circumventing: When stricken with the natural or man-made calamities, the major requirement of the intellect of any profession are the engineers. Proper management and circumvention of catastrophic occurrences can be done with the enactment of the acumen of an engineer.
  • Industrial development: The requirement of an engineer is crucial, irrespective of the industry. Every industry or sector of business comprises certain domains that require engineers to work on. Majority of the industries prerequisite the vital requirement of engineers retaining education in varied sectors. These professionals would put their brainpower at proper use for analyzing and identifying expedient and discover certain rational outcome-based working methodologies. These factors assist in the development and advancement of the industry by the implementation and appropriate use of the intellects of the engineers.

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